beautiful Peak Jayawijaya and Carstenz

Feb 9, 2011

beautiful Peak Jayawijaya and Carstenzbeautiful Peak Jayawijaya and Carstenz - great tourism place mountain
The aiguille is additionally listed as one of the top seven continents (Seven Summit), which is astounding and the ambition of mountaineers about the world. Jayawijaya Aiguille National Park is amid in Laurentz, Papua.
The aiguille was covered by abiding snow. Abiding snow on the Aiguille Jayawijaya is one of three fields of snow in the tropics which are in the world.In our country it traversed the equator, Indonesia witnessed snow on absolutely article that is absurd to be understood. Carstenz Pyramid (4884 masl) is one of those albino peaks. The accomplished aiguille in Southeast Asia and the Pacific is amid in the Sudirman Mountains series. Aiguille is acclaimed not alone because of the high, but additionally because there is a band of snow on the peak.

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